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Como não deixar que seu equipamento de teste comprometa a flexibilidade de sua empresa frente a um mercado tendencioso.

The perfect product is as constant as the perfect consumer, and when it comes to healthy options and food products, the needs of the consumer can change as fast as the news channel. Whether it is a hot new ingredient, or some new exclusion diet, people are always on the lookout for new nutritious and trendy food products. Once the new trend is determined, it is up to production companies to do their best to develop, manufacture, and distribute these products, while the market is still fresh. Even well-known and stable brands are required to source different alternative ingredients, simply to stand out in a crowded field, adding ingredients that are more varied and more expensive. 

The rise of alternative plant and animal based proteins is a perfect example, as different ingredients can be used to combat gluten-free or vegan diets, promote muscle growth or weight loss, or simply provide a healthier and more environmentally friendly snack option. For the manufacturers using these ingredients, they face two major problems. First, many of the alternative ingredients are more expensive and harder to source, increasing overhead for production and challenging profit viability for the final product. Additionally, this difficulty to source the ingredients can force the use of suppliers that may not have earned your full trust and confidence, leading to a more suspect incoming product quality. Fortunately, CEM Corporation has opportunities to help combat both deficiencies, among many others. 

CEM was originally founded with the goal of improved process control in mind, and that continues to this day by creating equipment that is consistently faster and more accurate. With the ability to test moistureproteinfat, and ash content, and most tests completed in under 3 minutes, CEM results can lead to a better production process. Improvements in formulations and reductions in the quantity required of expensive ingredients can be realized, while still maintaining product specifications. Over time, this can lead to huge cost savings, with the added bonus of making a more consistent, high quality, product. In addition, CEM process control equipment is flexible enough to be able to test both wet and dry products on a single system. Because all results are determined using direct analysis technology, we never have to recalibrate or redevelop methods based on changing products and ingredients. 

Additionally, CEM is the leader in microwave digestion, allowing production facilities to confirm quality and safety of their products through elemental and heavy metals analysis. Regardless if you are a large production site looking to test 100’s of the same samples a day, or an R&D or co-packer with a variety of different products, CEM has batch and sequential digestion options to suit your needs.

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Sobre Nós

Fundada em 1991 por profissionais com larga experiência em Química Instrumental, a Superlab Instrumentação Analítica Ltda tem como objetivo promover e garantir a satisfação dos clientes & usuários, atendendo e superando expectativas com a qualidade dos produtos e serviços oferecidos e sempre com a preocupação de oferecer alternativas Eco Sustentáveis / Green Methods.

Fornecemos Instrumentos: Analisadores ( Calorímetros, Cianetos, Cor em Cafés Torrado, Cor-Aparência em alimentos em geral, % de Gordura, % de Proteína, % de Sólidos Totais, TOC & TN, % de Umidade), Banhos Termostáticos & Chillers, Digestores micro-ondas, Espectrômetros FTNMR, Extratores micro-ondas, Hidrólise de Proteínas micro-ondas, Reatores para Síntese Química em Batelada e em Fluxo (baixa e alta pressão e alta temperatura) e Sintetizadores de peptídeos micro-ondas, Forno Mufla com exaustão micro-ondas, Estufa com exaustão micro-ondas ... para Laboratórios.


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